About Muluh & Partners

Statement of Purpose

Muluh & Partners is distinguished by a highly collaborative culture which values the contribution of our diverse team both within Muluh & Partners and in the wider community. Our style is open, service focused, and friendly. We believe that our commitment to client service, commerciality, and teamwork provides benefits to our clients and enhances effective business relationships The hallmark of Muluh & Partners is the quality of its experts. As a matter of fact, our experts adhere to a general philosophy of providing excellent service, in a bid to maintain our Standards. We of Muluh & Partners recognize that rapid response times are essential to client service. In recognition of this: Muluh& Partners contact persons shall be available by telephone or email seven days a week or their telephone system or email replies shall offer alternative contacts that are available during periods when the contact persons cannot be available. The first response to a request shall be made the next business day or sooner and shall establish a timetable for providing the information or advice requested. Requests for assistance shall either be fulfilled or the requester shall be given a viable alternative within the time period relevant to the request.

Muluh & Partners commit to: English and French speaking receptionists and operators Lawyers and staff fluent in written and spoken English and French Muluh & Partners commit to having an emergency plan covering: Reestablishing contact with lawyers.

We commit to provide primary and backup lawyers (and, where appropriate, staff) on appropriate matters and to avoid unnecessary personnel changes on referred matters.

The Firm commits to discuss with the client material deviations from project scope or fee estimates as promptly as possible once the deviation becomes apparent. We commit to provide status reports, formal or informal, as reasonably requested by the client.

Our Team Values

Our values are a fundamental part of who we are: they reflect the principles by which we conduct ourselves, shaping what we do and how we do it. They are also real and reflect the ethos of our legacy firm. Clients come first: Our aim is to satisfy our clients through a deep understanding of their needs, their businesses, and their industries, and by providing excellent, responsive, and innovative service. Excellence in all we do: We combine technical excellence in our work with a business-oriented approach, the highest level of integrity, and a focus on solutions. One team: We act as an integrated team, working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, collegiality, and friendliness. Commitment to our firm’s success: We put intense effort into our work and actively look for ways to deliver the best results for our clients and so for our firm. These values guide us as we continue to build Muluh & Partners into a major force in the legal marketplace. We are committed to providing legal advice that is insightful and valuable to our clients. This has resulted in groundbreaking transactions within the sub region. Together, our lawyers work across practices and jurisdictions to provide the highest quality legal services, bringing their collective experience to bear on the issues that clients face. We take pride in the successes of our clients and in our contributions to them. The commitment of our team to providing quality legal advice, cost management and client service excellence, wherever we are, is the thread that binds our modus operandi. Our people understand both local needs and the global marketplace. Our perspective is broad and our skills universal, as we assist clients doing business across jurisdictions. We can help if you want to make key contacts, invest in the best areas or open up in profitable new markets in Cameroon and within the sub region..

Technologies We Provide

Technology and software to remain compatible with technology generally used by the legal industry Websites that are up-to-date with respect to firm personnel and firm capabilities Technology or other resources to perform rapid turnaround conflict checks Individual e-mail addresses for all lawyers and the software necessary to support Blackberry or other PDA devices for, at a minimum, all contact persons Electronic billing, if requested Voicemail with English language prompts before and after normal business hours. The Firm commits to: Provide engagement letters upon request Provide fee estimates upon request and to consider requests for alternative fee arrangements Timely bills and to render detailed bills upon request.