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pre KeysMuluh & Partners is distinguished a highly collaborative culture which values the contribution of our diverse team both within Muluh & Partners and in the wider community. Our style is open, service focused, and friendly. We believe that our commitment to client service, commerciality, and teamwork provides benefits to our clients and enhances effective business relationships The hallmark of Muluh & Partners is the quality of its experts. As a matter of fact, our experts adhere to a general philosophy of providing excellent service, in a bid to maintain our Standards. We of Muluh & Partners recognize that rapid response times are essential to client service. In recognition of this: Muluh& Partners contact persons shall be available telephone or email seven days a week or their telephone system or email replies shall offer alternative contacts that are available during periods when the contact persons cannot be available. The first response to a request shall be made the next business day or sooner and shall establish a timetable for providing the information or advice requested. Requests for assistance shall either be fulfilled or the requester shall be given a viable alternative within the time period relevant to the request.

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