MULUH & PARTNERS is one of the few Law Firms in the Central African Sub Region that is equipped to provide legal and financial advice to independent aircraft operators and related industries, or other industries using aircraft for logistic purposes. Our goal is to provide them with the best possible solutions concerning registration, operation, financing, lease and insurance, and other related claims.

MULUH & PARTNERS is a Law Firm with integrity and having Aviation Law as one of its key areas of practice and based in Douala-Cameroon, the nucleus of the Central African Sub Region (Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea). The office is headed Mr. Jude Muluh, who has earned his merits practicing in both the English Common Law and the French Civil Law jurisdictions of the country in business law and is aided a flock of lawyers, paralegals, and consultants, every one of them specializing in a niche of the complicated law system. The strong point of MULUH & PARTNERS is the fact that it is a bilingual law firm with its staff having a mastery of both English and French as their working languages. This has its advantages in understanding and interpreting the laws of the different countries of the Sub-region.

When an airplane crash occurs, only time can help heal the pain caused the tragedy. Air crash victims’ families and any survivors can find solace in determining the reason for the plane crash. They look for ways to prevent a similar air tragedy from happening again. Identifying the truth and determining the responsibility behind air crashes and raising public awareness about aviation safety issues has been the driving force behind the aviation law practice of MULUH & PARTNERS.

In order to win substantial settlements from airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and aviation insurers – all entities with vast corporate resources – a Law Firm must be willing to make a comparable investment in time and money. We are willing to make that investment.

Aviation Law Experts
It takes specialized knowledge of the aviation industry and an understanding of aircraft mechanics and design to successfully litigate a complex aviation case. The fact is, most aviation “accidents” are no accident at all. However, in order to prove aviation negligence or aircraft defect, a probable cause theory must be developed and painstakingly substantiated based on past accidents, mechanical knowledge, and actual aircraft piloting experience.

In order to win substantial settlements from aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and aviation insurers – all entities with vast corporate resources – a Law Firm must be willing to make a comparable investment in time and money. And perhaps most importantly, a Firm must invest in the careers of attorneys attuned to the idiosyncratic nuances of aviation litigation. We are not saying we are the only one; rather pride ourselves as the best. And in that particular branch of law, we know practically all there is to know. Besides, whenever or wherever necessary we are assisted knowledgeable specialists.

You have good, bad & ugly law firms. The good are the ones that just won your last lawsuit. The bad are the ones that just lost your last lawsuit. The uglies can either win or lose.

The point we are making here is: choose the right Law Firm for your case. It is as simple as that.

How do you know we are the right one? Easy! Call us and state your case. Usually, we will invite you over and give you our opinion.

Because we can provide you with the all-important legal and financial advice in a prompt, all-inclusive and affordable manner. Even more important: we are located in Africa, where regulations may differ from your country of origin, but where financial implications might be to your advantage.

Points that merit your attention:

  • Understanding the issues pertaining to purchase contracts for new and used aircraft.
  • Specific features of airline contracts.
  • Insurance coverage as required law or as a precondition for the issuance of an Operating Permit.
  • Commercial co-operation contracts, including code-sharing and market alliances.
  • Ground handling and related agreements, as well as catering, aircraft maintenance, and overhaul Agreements.
  • Operating leases – legal, financial, and technical issues arising in the context of lease negotiations, quiet enjoyment, assignment, maintenance reserves, return conditions, possession and use, liens, indemnities and defaults and remedies, deposits.
  • Export credit financing.
  • Understanding the nature of basic financial structures.
  • Grasping the distinction between operating leases and finance leases.

Points that merit your attention:

  • Having a comprehensive overview of the legal regimes applicable to all aspects of the aviation industry.
  • Knowing how the international air law regimes are interpreted and applied.
  • Understanding how airlines and governments handle problematic international air law issues.
  • The regulatory environment, airworthiness, personal licensing, environmental issues.

The world is changing fast. The legal rules almost every country in this world imposes on flying are only one aspect of ownership. There are international regulations, making it all even more complicated. However, nations, individuals, and companies need to fly at one time or another. Modern economic reality is unthinkable without aircraft. This write-up is destined to make you aware of the intricacies involved in buying, renting, leasing airplanes or helicopters, let alone owning and operating one or several.

Airline passenger associations and individuals raise their voices. A voice about service and waiting and delays. They don’t want to be considered merely payload. And they have a point. Airlines raise their voice. Rising costs for airport facilities, fuel, and levies of all kinds make flying more expensive. That is where MULUH & PARTNERS can be of assistance, either for the passengers or for the airlines.

Airports are getting more crowded the day. So there is a need to enlarge existing ones or even to build completely new ones. The vast amount of planning and authorizations this involves will be no surprise to anyone. Shops, catering, freight, and all kinds of infrastructure. Employees, customs, border police, waiters, and passengers. Think only: security and entries and exits. It also involves quite a number of permits and contracts for all kinds of suppliers and handlers. Think only: shop or parking, and let your fantasy run wild. That’s where we can lend a hand. We specialize in all kinds of particular contracts. From leases to personnel, from permitted to strictly forbidden. And all in between.

The Value of Experience
MULUIH & PARTNERS combines aviation experience and courtroom experience with the personal service you are looking for to handle your aviation case.

Consider some of the reasons why you should retain MULUH & PARTNERS for your case. Our Firm prides itself on handling aviation cases in a manner that allows the maximum possible share of the recovery to go to our clients. We understand the financial pressures that can be placed on our clients and we strive to resolve these matters as quickly as possible.

We handle aviation cases in Cameroon and throughout the entire Central African Sub Region.

Reasons to Choose MULUH & PARTNERS

  1. Aviation Experience. We have done what it takes to handle virtually every type of aviation matter, including pilot negligence, controller negligence, manufacturing defects, maintenance errors, and the theft of multi-million-dollar aircraft. We can quickly determine what needs to be done after an incident and assemble the right team of experts to make sure your interests are protected.
  2. Personal Approach to your case. MULUH & PARTNERS is a Firm that puts in a lot of focus on aviation law. Some Firms offer layers of lawyers and paralegals working on different aspects of your case, often making quick and creative decision-making difficult. In our Firm, you will have direct access to the decision-makers on your case. They will not have to confer with others to determine the status of your case. Our Firm prides itself on its personal relationship with clients, and its ability to react quickly to changes that occur in every claim.
  3. Genuine Concern for our Clients. An aviation accident generally involves catastrophic damages, and clients are searching for a lawyer at an extremely stressful time. We understand that at this time of need our clients are looking for more than just how to start an aviation investigation. They are looking for people of compassion who are truly interested in the client as a person. We accept that responsibility and embrace working with our clients for all of their needs during this critical time.
  4. Nationwide Experience. Despite the fact that MULUH & PARTNERS is a Douala-based Aviation Firm, we have national and international experience. We have contacts with other aviation lawyers and are able to form teams when necessary. All of this is done under the contract that you initially sign with MULUH & PARTNERS and does not result in an increased attorneys’ fees. If you have questions about aviation law or about our aviation department, contact us. It costs nothing to talk to us.

MULUH & PARTNERS, SISE FACE COLLEGE DE LA SALLE-AKWA, B.P 1632 DOUALA-CAMEROON, TEL: +237 3342 9575 or +237 9639 4603, Email us at [email protected]

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