Jude is a rigorous Barrister and Solicitor of the Cameroon Bar Association who doubles as a licensed Intellectual Property Attorney before The African Intellectual Property Organisation known its French acronym OAPI. With Cameroon being a bijurial state where the French Civil Law and English Common Law operate pari passu municipal laws, Jude in a bid to stand the challenge did pupilage in some of the best and renowned law firms in both Anglophone and Francophone jurisdiction. With this, he is able to criss – cross the legal terrain within which he operates and beyond. As an amicus academia, he is able to blend theory with practice which very so often puts him at the zenith in the course of discharging his duties as an attorney. Above all, he is daring.

Jude Muluh, the Managing Partner of MULUH & PARTNERS, is a seasoned corporate attorney before the Supreme Court of Cameroon and doubles as a licensed intellectual property attorney before the African Intellectual Property Organisation known its French acronym OAPI. He has equally gone through the qualifying exams of the Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers (ICS), London. Jude has experience in all levels of court in Cameroon. Jude has also been counsel in numerous mediation and arbitrations.

Jude Muluh is a licensed attorney with vast practical experience in international law, international business transactions, international project management, corporate finance, and international business consulting.

After living, working and studying throughout at home and abroad, Mr. Muluh as an amicus academia developed a unique fusion of cultural sensitivity, global business acumen and practical legal skills, which he brings to bear in the representation of all of his clients.

Prior to establishing Muluh & Partners Law Firm, Mr. Muluh worked in several top law firms where he gained significant experience in international corporate transactions as well as litigation. He has advised companies from all over the world on Cameroon import and export matters, and has assisted these companies overcome local, sub regional and regulatory hurdles to meet the required compliance standards. He has also provided legal advisory and business services to local, foreign and multi-national companies on their business, investment ventures, and business expansion plans throughout Cameroon and the entire Central African Sub Region.

In addition to his legal experience, Mr. Muluh has served in board meetings and also as project manager in some companies where he was responsible for the synchronization of dozens of companies and dozens of cities throughout the sub region.

These legal and business experiences provided Mr. Muluh the opportunity to build a Network of of-counsel professionals throughout the main centers in Cameroon, Africa and the world at large who share the same passion for providing the highest level of professionalism to serve and connect the global business community.

Mr. Muluh received his MPhil from the University of Yaounde II Soa, a post graduate diploma (Maitrise) in Common Law and his Bachelor degree in Law and Political Science from the University Dschang. With other certification programs, he is fluent in English and French.