With the rapid development within the global telecommunications network, coupled with the proliferation of GSM and ISP companies in Cameroon, site acquisitions and property management plays an essential role in the deployment of network as the telecom equipments have to be hosted on a site; Roof-top or Greenfield.

Muluh & Partners is equipped with both the required technical and legal capabilities to satisfy the needs of these telecom – companies. We develop land management and tenure systems, policies and legislation that relate to information technology and telecommunications. Securing land tenure and property rights are fundamental to telecommunication companies and a corner stone for the provision of a stable and hitch free network.

The Firm is a site acquisition and project management firm with nationwide capabilities of servicing wireless telecommunication companies.
The foundation of Muluh & Partners with respect to site acquisition was built on five strategic imperatives termed the Muluh way. We execute these imperatives to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.
Our team critically analyzes our client’s network and tailors a strategy to achieve these objectives. We quickly identify the critical path and implement strategic solutions. At Muluh & Partners our technical and professional approach reduces time to market and lowers OPEX and CAPEX expenditures for our clients.
The firm boasts of professionals who offer first-rate services at negligible rates and deliver within the expected deadline. The bilingual nature of the management and support staff is to ensure a flexible and accurate working relationship.

Given the multi-cultural nature of Cameroon, Muluh & Partners staff have the necessary experience in traditional laws and customs of the people of Cameroon and therefore can easily negotiate and manage conflicts during the process of land acquisition. Our team consists of experts in Telecommunications law, property /real estate law, Corporate/Business law and Intellectual property. Muluh & Partners can aptly and conveniently operate in any African country that is governed the OHADA Uniform Act on Commercial Companies as well as any Anglo-Saxon business oriented environment.


Conduct zoning feasibility study for search ring.
Contact potential landlords based on zoning and construction and RF requirements.
Evaluate construction feasibility.
Identify suitable alternative sites.
Submit comprehensive Site Candidate Information Packages (SCIPs)
Categorize and determine the nature of the site, whether private land, national land (1st or 2nd category), or public State land.

Negotiate favorable business terms and secure primary lease.
Obtain secondary lease and any necessary easements
Coordinate feasibility and design visits.
Lease renewals and modifications.
Approval of all lease exhibits and Construction drawings.
Lease amendments for network upgrades.
Provide lease submittal checklist containing all necessary client approval.
Preparation and signing of lease agreements for private lands.
Proceed to negotiate lease at cost effective rates to better serve our client.

In cases of national lands, we apply for an absolute grant/concession from the state.
Follow up the procedure for the obtention of concession agreements
Follow up the procedure for the obtention of land Certificates

Assemble and coordinate the timely submission of building permit applications.
Expedite permit timeline through daily follow up, so as to catch up with site roll out deadline.
Follow up and obtain building authorization from the National Civil Aviation authorities (NCAA), Environmental, Health and Safety Permits.

Effect due diligence on ownership of property.
Lease abstractions
Lease analysis to confirm rights to upgrade equipment
Identify and resolve conflicting lease information.

Mediate and negotiate with traditional authorities of the locality.
Evaluate crops (If any) on the land and effect compensations thereof as per the text in place.
Negotiate access road/ easement (if need be).
Resolve any dispute that may arise on the site in the course of construction.
For rooftops, we carry out due diligence, so as to ensure that the lessor is the rightful owner.

Sites are negotiated and delivered a week from date of survey. Contact us at [email protected] or through our hotline on +237 9639 4603 or +237 3342 9575.