Muluh & Partners has an in-depth understanding of the environmental needs of clients that are into mining, industrial minerals, produce oil and gas, coal, precious metals, and gemstones. We represent owners, developers, lessees, lenders, miners, power generators, manufacturers, construction companies, water companies, consulting firms, multinationals, conservation groups, municipalities, business entities and individuals.

With the continuing turmoil in the financial markets which cuts across borders, the price of precious metals continues to reach record high levels, with the increase in Gold prices, Diamond, Uranium, Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese, Iron Ore, etc. With such potential rewards on offer, this continues to prompt similarly elevated levels of activity in the mining sector across the world especially in Cameroon and the Central African sub region which is still a virgin terrain. To meet up with these challenges, our mining team is equipped with the highest levels of expertise in this vibrant area.

From the commencement of a mining project through fruition, our mining lawyers have broad experience advising clients on virtually every aspect of a mining operation. Our multi-disciplinary team leads clients from the initial stages of acquisition, title examination, permitting, and exploration, exploitation, through feasibility studies, site development, financing, and management and operation of an active mine, all the way to reclamation and post-mining use of mining property.

Additionally, drawing on the Firm’s full-service capabilities, our lawyers routinely assist mining clients with employment law matters, immigration, construction and commercial contracts, tax issues, custom/excise, litigation, arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution. Further, our Intellectual Property Attorneys assist the Firm’s mining clients with the acquisition and disposition of technology and Intellectual Property rights, often handling patent infringement disputes involving a variety of mining technologies, including placer mining and leach mining.

Representative clients include most of the emerging mining companies with operations in the East, South and Northern regions as well as other major mining companies within the sub region.

Regulatory Compliance & Permitting
Attorneys who serve our mining clients have extensive experience with land law issues affecting mining properties, including location, maintenance and patenting of mining claims and mill sites. They are familiar with administrative agencies ranging from the Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency and flora and fauna Service to the State agencies responsible for permitting and regulating mining operations and often provide client counseling on regulatory matters and claim contests. Muluh & Partners handles regulatory permitting questions relating to all aspects of public land use and regulation such as ownership, access, usage rights, mining claims, mineral leases, permitting, patenting, operational agreements, acquisitions and ownership analysis, boundary disputes, regulatory compliance, air, water and waste; defense of environmental enforcement actions involving air, land, water and hazardous waste issues; environmental compliance audits; and matters under Environmental law and the decree laying down the procedure for implementing the forest system.

Litigation & Arbitration
Our Attorneys have handled all aspects of contract litigation involving mining operations, including disputes with joint venture partners, mineral royalty disputes and the resolution of mining claim conflicts with third parties; legal due diligence towards the acquisition of existing exploitation permits, analysed environmental impact assessment statements; and appeared in numerous administrative cases before State agencies on behalf of mining companies. In a nutshell, the Cameroon Mining Code, its implementing text and other ancillary texts are toys to the mining team at Muluh & Partners.

For more information about our Mining and Natural Resources group, please do not hesitate contacting us via [email protected] or call +237 9639 4603 or +237 3342 9575