Being part of the global village a lot is being put in place to meet the challenges of the millennium. As a result of this new legislation is being put in place to protect individuals, this is as a result of the fact that capital is highly mobile and circulates the globe with even greater ease since the arrival of the digital networks.

MULUH & PARTNERS is one of the proponents of the modern communication superhighway has put in place a team to combat cybercrimes as well as scams.

We of MULUH & PARTNERS have equally taken advantage of the new laws put in place in Cameroon in a bid to meet up with current world standards. Thus we are making great use of the 2010 laws on cybersecurity and cyber criminality in Cameroon and e-commerce just to name a few.

While the government of Cameroon is putting in its best in attracting foreign investors, some individuals have taken advantage of Cameroon being a virgin terrain in committing mischief.

Against this backdrop, MULUH & PARTNERS has dedicated quality time to combat this category of persons. In the same vein, we have observed a dramatic increase in fraud in recent years targeting foreigners. These fraudulent schemes come in many varieties, ranging from simple pleas for donations to fictions charities to elaborate fraudulent invoices on corporate or governmental letterhead.

These scams can arrive in the form of unsolicited faxes, e-mails, or classified ads posted online. Fraud poses the risk of both financial loss and personal danger to their victims.

Some of the most popular scams involve the adoption of children or animals over the internet. The perpetrators of child adoption fraud often claim to be indigent parents unable to care for a child or members of the clergy working at a Cameroonian orphanage seeking a good home for a child.

With adoption, forestry, wildlife, and general corporate law being part of our area of expertise, we of MULUH & PARTNERS advise that beware of sending money or traveling to Cameroon to adopt a child from an orphanage or any other source you have only heard through e-mails. We equally hold that the competent authorities for inter-country adoption are the ministry of social affairs and the high court that has jurisdiction over the place of residence of the child to be adopted. Should prospective adoptive parents wish to hire a Cameroonian attorney to assist with the adoption, we of MULUH & PARTNERS are at your service.

Within the same line of reasoning, many business scams work on the false premise that the government has dictated that all companies wishing to do business in Cameroon must be registered in Cameroon. The scammer will claim to be a government official who can guarantee that a contract will be given to the intended victim’s company while asking for a commission.
In the same situation, it involves individuals claiming to possess large quantities of vegetable oils (soybean, cotton, or palm), cocoa, timber, etc. The scammer usually sends out a sales agreement asking the victim to sign and provide bank details including an irrevocable LC. Against this background, we of MULUH & PARTNERS would be at your service to carry a due diligence search at the level of the Registry of companies, as well as situate your purported client, supplier, or partner as the case may be.

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