13+ years of legal work and practical legal know-how with current experience including, but not limited    to, Real Estate/Site Acquisition, Corporate/business legal practice, Contracts law, E-Commerce, Sale of Goods and Property Law (moveable and immoveable), Information Technology & Telecommunications law. Tom has the ability to read and comprehend legal documents such as legal descriptions, surveys, ground leases, easements, deeds, land purchase contracts, mortgages, title policies, subordination, and CAD drawings.

He is equally a seasoned jurist, with diverse legal experience and strong analytical abilities in real estate, site acquisition, land management and tenure, land policy and regulation, administrative, regulatory and compliance issues. Possess mastery in the Cameroon land tenure and management system. He can conveniently work in any country with an Anglo-Saxon oriented culture as well as any other within the Central and West African region, (a business environment which is regulated a set of Uniform Acts on the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa known its French acronym OHADA

Thomas Fongyen | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Site Acquisition Services(SAS Ltd)|University of Strathclyde, Glasgow – UK | Telecoms Legal Advisor & Site Acquisition Expert | PgD Information Tech & Telecoms Law